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Affinity One Security Solutions know how important it is to protect your commercial property 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. The disruption that can take place when an intruder breaks into your property is devastating as you can lose computers with a lifetime's work on it or just everyday files that stop you trading for days or even weeks. With the average burglary costing around four to six thousand pounds you can’t afford not to have a commercial alarm fitted.


All of your business security needs

Sounders/strobes – These are fitted externally and internally for audible warning when an incident takes place. We also fit Dummy Bell Boxes with comfort lights at the rear of the property.

Remote signalling option – We would strongly suggest that system is used as this is by far the best alarm system to have, as a monitored alarm system is a system that has been programmed to transmit signals to an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre). A 24/7 professionally manned service centre with people who personally respond when an alarm is tripped and inform you, your keyholder, the Police or the Fire Brigade depending on what signals they receive.

Detection devices - We offer a wide range of infra red detectors, Dual Technology and Tri-Tech suitable for all environmental conditions) to suit all commercial situations. Door Contact Switches, Break-Glass Units and Vibration Sensors. The systems we install are available either wired or wireless.

Personal attack button can be installed in fixed locations around the premises which are live 24 hours a day or wireless portable versions which can be carried similar to a cordless phone. Control Panel Equipment with a digital keypad operated by a pin number or a proximity tag or radio set / unset key fob.

Speech/text dialler is a popular choice of communication equipment as this incurs no monitoring cost. This is a nice addition as it is better rather than relying on the outside sounder to attract attention to the intruder it will phone or text a combination of four different numbers (including mobile phones) to alert keyholders to investigate the activation of your alarm system.

Want to protect your business in Hertfordshire? Affinity One Security Solutions offer expertly installed commercial alarms.

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